Saturday, November 22, 2008


My sweet girl turned 9 last weekend! I just cannot believe it. It was a crazy weekend but great! Her "friend party" will be after Thanksgiving so we were able to just relax and celebrate in our play clothes and not even fix our hair! ha ha Her best friend moved to Indianapolis in July and she has missed her so much. I arranged for them to come back down to surprise her for her birthday. Karaline got in the car after school on Friday and had no idea her best friend was in there waiting on her. :) It was such a sweet surprise. They had a blast all weekend.
I have to brag on Karaline. She is starting to hit the "butting heads with mom" stage. Moods are like a roller coaster around here. As a mommy, I'm always wondering what I'm doing wrong. LOL Well, Karaline came home with 3 character cards this week. Two of them were for honesty, her friend had gotten caught talking in line and got a -5 so Karaline confessed that she was talking too and took the -5 as well. The other one though was my favorite - kindness. A friend had been coming to school without a coat and had told Karaline she didn't have one. It has been bitter cold this week. On Wed I noticed Karaline wearing her old coat to school but I knew if she had to walk 2 steps further to get her new coat, she would have taken her old coat just for ease. lol Later I found out that she was wearing her old coat because she was "sneaking" her other coat to school so her friend would have a coat too. I couldn't have been more proud of her if she brought home straight As and a letter saying she's the brightest kid in the class!
Oh dear...what a monkey
I don't even know what to say to pulled down, orange yuck all the way down her dress, ashy knees from crawling around on the carpet....poor poor girl. LOL
LOL Alex, my nephew making his mean face (that's way too cute to actually look mean)
Not sure if Kemry is getting girlier or more muscular here
On Sunday evening, Karaline's church choir did a performance at church that was amazing called "He Reigns!" Boy did I need to hear this that weekend as I had several personal things really dragging me down. I just didn't expect God to send me his message through a group of 1st-5th graders. :) Whatever works and He always knows just how and where to grab my heart! :D
I LOVE our church....just seeing this picture of our sanctuary reminds me of such a peaceful feeling I always have there. :)

They did black lights and the white gloves for part of the program and it was really neat! Karaline got to play the shaker part below. :) (Karaline is front row 2nd from right) I'll upload video if I can find the cord.

Also this week (Monday), Kollin's gifted class at school, hosted Era in Review. It was REALLY cool. Kollin did the Bermuda Triangle. He was a flight 19 pilot and was supposedly standing on the bow of the boat that had rescued him once his flight went down (which ironically disappeared after that lol). Such a great combined effort by so many super smart, creative kids. I think the Berlin Wall was one of my favs....a kid play a little German 80s punk sporting a perfect 80s mohawk blasting his 80s cassettes from his boom box beside the Berlin wall. LOL There was also an awesome 60s VW van with some hippies I really loved. lol

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Vanessa said...


Daphne said...

What a sweetheart! Happy Birthday Karaline!

Kerri said...

Karaline, you rock!!! Glad you had a great birthday!!!

Heidi said...

What a sweet, kind girl Karaline is!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday Karaline! You sure are a pretty girl! Kelly, I have missed your post and pictures! Great pictures too! They are all so cute!

Cindy said...

Wow, Kelly, you are such a cool mom to plan that for her! Hope you all had fun and glad to see you back in blogger-world :-).

Hannah said...

That brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet, amazing daughter! Just when you think they don't hear anything you try to teach they turn around and teach us!

Nancy and Isaac McGee said...

So glad Karaline got to have her little friend there for her Birthday.

Steve & Amy said...

Happy Birthday Karaline!'ve done a good job! What a wonderful young lady Miss Karaline is becoming! Looks like a fun party! Love the orange pictures:)

Debbie said...

Great pictures!!! I love them! Glad her birthday was a happy one!!


Ruthanne said...

Where do I start??
Karaline is so amazing! What a great human being you are raising--like Mother, like daughter.
Kollin is SO stinking handsome in that picture!
Kemry could be covered in mud and she would still be absolutely beautiful!

Mandy Froehlich said...

Oh Karaline!!! Happy Birthday sweetie!!! You're story about the coat made me cry. Those are the ways that you know you're doing awesome as a parent!!!