Saturday, July 26, 2008


VBS and the rest of the beach pictures

Karaline cracking Alex daddy is holding him

Kollin and his sweet friend,Kris
Daniel, my BIL, is always getting these kinds of reactions from my kids lol
My sister's church has lots of yummy snacks. They believe in sugar...lots and LOTS of sugar.
My bigger 3 kids are dispursed among this group. lol

Karson and Alex (Karson is in the red shirt and Alex is in the green shirt).

Kemry had no interest in the ballons but loved their strings hanging down. lol
My nephew Alex in the bouncy house
Karly with cotton candy...YUM!
Karson LOVED this game even though he never got the hang of it.
Kollin and Alex

Kemry and her sno-kone
They have all the sugar you can consume! I couldn't count on both hands how many times Karson went back for more cotton candy.
My hula girl
Karson giving me the "peace" sign....he cracks me up because he can never remember how to do it so I usually get 3 fingers instead of 2.
Kemry loving her daddy

Karaline and Aunt Kayla
What I'd give to be doing this right now.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I really haven't had time to edit since we got home, so these are just a few of them. My sweet and wonderful friend JoAnn edited several of these. She's a genius at Photoshop and it makes me crazy trying to figure out what she does easily. :)

My handsome guys
Tough Cash guys
My beautiful little Karson
My handsome boy with a sunburn
my cutie-pies
Karaline always exploring

Totally random, I caught them as they were walking past each other and I loved it.
Beautiful Kemry
B/W beauty

My crew
The Cash girls
My boys are always cuddly

Stinker Kemry
Girls are ALWAYS having fun
Beautiful Karaline

Beautiful Karly
Mommy hearts Daddy :)
Skipping Rocks

Daddy Kisses
Girly girls

Our Family