Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Cashcrew has been tagged by Leah. :) I always have such a hard time with these things because I'm such an open book, most people know everything about me anyway. :) Here it goes:
1. I am the oldest among my siblings (by several years).
2. I don't like coffee but wish I did so I could fit in with the cool Starbucks people. lol
3. I love reading self-help books. I am embarrassed at how many "how to" books we have.
4. I am very cold-natured and freeze all the time. Drives John crazy because he's hot-natured and he thinks I keep the house too warm (I do) and still stay bundled.
5. I LOVE music but am not in the slightest bit musically inclined. I cannot even count beats! lol Same with dance/ballet. I love the mommy ballet class at our studio because of the stretching/yoga aspect but when it comes to counting beats, I'm lost. lol
6. I am TOTAL type A in my head, but when it comes to putting it into play, I am so unorganized and a mess all the time. Isn't this ADHD? I really think I have that.
7. One of my favorite childhood memories was sneaking in the garden and eating tomatoes and corn straight off the plant. I could play out there for hours in the garden hidden beneath the tall corn stalks. Freaks me out to think of my kids doing that without washing it first (or being somewhere I couldn't see them). lol

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Kollin

Catch Up Time Again

Once again I'm trying to catch up on several events at once. I'm leaving a few for later because I got tired of adding pictures! LOL

Kindergarten Fall Learning Day

Our school's K takes a whole day in Oct each year to do all learning outside. They paint leaves, make apple butter, go on nature walks, play apple bingo, plant mums, you name it! I was stationed at the leaf painting station before lunch and nature walk after lunch. LOTS of fun! :) I got to grab a picture of Karson as he came through my station. :)

Karson and his friend Sam (who is also our neighbor), both in Kindergarten. ;)
Karson with his "how tall am I" sunflower
Kollin's birthday party

We took Kollin and 4 of his best friends to Dollywood for his 13th birthday party. It was a BLAST! If you haven't spent the day with 5 13yr old boys, you should. It's a fabulous age! I really was bracing for a crazy day but they were so obedient, respectful, and just downright FUNNY!

Kollin before he got all his hair cut off (woohoo)
The best ride of the day! :) You get soaked whether you ride this ride or just walk by! LOL

Did I say 5 teen/pre-teen boys??? Counting John there were 6!

Alex's 2nd birthday party

Kemry had so much fun at Alex's birthday party.

The birthday boy and his stick horse :)

Kemry found a caterpillar that took the focus away from the party for a while
Karaline showing off her balloon umm headband? lolKarly showing off those braces. lol
She looks so tiny here lol

What's with all the seriousness? LOL
Kemry & Alex's combined 2nd birthday party
I was so sick this was awful!!!! My sister Kasey was so wonderful to move the party last minute (seriously, the day of the party) to her house. We had a weenie roast and the kids had a blast.

green cupcakes

pink cupcakes
Tutus, icing, and footballs - the party must have been a success! lol

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Saturday, October 04, 2008


WOW I'm the worst blogger in the world right now! It has been almost a MONTH! I don't think I have ever been that far behind. Let's see in the last month Kollin turned 13 on Sept 20 (will post party pics ASAP), Kemry turned 2 on the 19th (her party is tomorrow and will take/post pics), we had several other birthdays in our family, my laptop has been broken and I have had to connect to a seperate monitor which makes it hard to get online, fall activities have kicked into high gear, you name it! We were all sick during Kemry and Kollin's birthdays so I didn't get any good pics (and we barely came out of our PJs let alone got cleaned up and prepared for pictures).
Here is just a bunch of random pictures from the past month. I wasn't taking many at all because I didn't want to upload them to my laptop once I backed up all my files for repairs (fyi I STILL haven't had time to take it in to get fixed)

Kollin ON his birthday
Kemry ON her birthday

Karson at open house at school standing beside his sunflower, pumpkin, and "all about me" guy. They do these how tall am I sunflowers every fall and I have a picture of each one of my kids standing by their sunflower. :)
This was taken from my nephew Alex's birthday party. Kemry loved the bounce house. She looks so tiny climbing in there doesn't she? LOL

Karaline at Alex's party too. The boys were camping out wiht our sunday school class while we girls went to the party.
Kemry was obsessed from a safe distance with this caterpillar! :) That same night we caught a frog and she was so freaked out by it. Is it true??? Could I possibly have hope of having a girly girl in some sense? LOL Neither of my big girls have ever shyed away from creepy crawlies, frogs, snakes, bugs, etc.
Karly at Alex's party
Kemry loving the bounce house

Kemry and the birthday boy

Ok that's it for now. :) I will post Kollin's birthday party pics when I get a chance and will have Kemry's after her party toorrow. :)

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