Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday School 80s Party

Our Sunday School class had an 80s Valentine's Party! It was SO MUCH FUN! I laughed so hard at all the outfits and music and HAIR. Here we are and unbelievably everything was very easy to find. Apparently 80s clothes are back in style again....who knew?!? ha ha

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr. Mom

I had oral surgery on Wednesday last week so John played Mr. Mom Wed-Sunday. He did a FABULOUS job even if he did fall asleep each night before his body hit the bed. :) He went to the kids' Valentine's parties since I wasn't able to go and even took some pictures for me! :) Needless to say, my Valentine dinner consisted of mashed potatoes and yogurt. lol I am still expecting a romantic dinner as soon as I can eat the good stuff. :) Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

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Monday, February 09, 2009

K Names

K Names & Snow Days
We are having a very hard time deciding what to do about naming "B". He has a name. His first mother gave him a wonderful Ethiopian name which means "with His strength". We have actually fallen for his name and think it fits him so well. However, I have spoken to many people who said their adopted children wanted an American name when they arrived in America. His name is a very Ethiopian name and cannot be "Americanized" at all. Also, since we all have K names in the family, I am afraid if we do not give him a K name too, he may feel even more different or left out or like we didn't care enough to give him what we gave the other children. (So much to worry about!) Without a doubt, we are leaving the decision up to him and if he chooses to have an American name, we will keep his birth name as well just in case he changes his mind someday and wants to go by his birth name once again. That name is part of who he is and a very special gift given to him by his first mother. We initially thought we would have a list of K names and let "B" choose the K name he wished to have. Then others said that may give him an unrealistic idea that the children are in charge of even big decisions in our family. I'm no child psychiatrist, but it makes sense. I would love to hear the opinions of others as this is such a big decision and not to be taken lightly. With that said, we have narrowed our K choices down to 4 (we think ha ha...we have narrowed it down several times only to realize we liked another name better). Please vote on your favorite one (poll in the sidebar). Here's my rundown on them:
Kabren - love it, doesn't sound too much like the other kids' names, but does it defeat the purpose of giving him an American name if it's so "out there" it still stands out?
Kyson - love it and would call him Ky, but Kyson sounds so much like Karson and they're the same age. Would that become an issue?
Kenton - this was my first #1 pick and think it fits his beautiful little face....until I heard it said in the most southern accent ever - Kent'n (barely saying the t at all). Didn't like that version of it AT ALL. Since we live in the south (and love it here), it would be said in a southern accent 90% of the time. ;) Would this drive me nuts?
Kinston - I really like this one too, but the kids are all having a hard time saying it. Once again, it's a little different.
We had a fun week last week! We had 1 early dismissal from school and 2 snow days! The kids were out of school on Thursday for snow and the temps were in the 60s by Saturday! Today we played outside in shorts and tshirts. Crazy! Here are some pictures from our snow play days.
She was starting to look a little rough by this point ;) She had lost her hat and hairbow and had ice stuck in her hair
Kemry would take the sled to the top of the hill by herself, sit in the sled by herself, and end up like this most of the way down. ha ha

Believe it or not, there is a sled under them. ha ha

He is so dramatic! HA HA
Our neighbor was sweet enough to give Karly a break for a while but he underestimated how fast the babies would catch up to him...he looks freaked out here that they're catching up to him. lol

Alex (the cutest nephew ever) and Karly

Nosey Kemry. :)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Prince Caspian - the ballet

The ballet was a HUGE success! The dancers did an AMAZING job portraying the message. From what I understand, all three shows were sold out too!!! We feel so blessed that our daughters have the opportunity to dance with this company! It is clear that God has chosen this group to do very big things in His name!

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