Monday, February 09, 2009

K Names

K Names & Snow Days
We are having a very hard time deciding what to do about naming "B". He has a name. His first mother gave him a wonderful Ethiopian name which means "with His strength". We have actually fallen for his name and think it fits him so well. However, I have spoken to many people who said their adopted children wanted an American name when they arrived in America. His name is a very Ethiopian name and cannot be "Americanized" at all. Also, since we all have K names in the family, I am afraid if we do not give him a K name too, he may feel even more different or left out or like we didn't care enough to give him what we gave the other children. (So much to worry about!) Without a doubt, we are leaving the decision up to him and if he chooses to have an American name, we will keep his birth name as well just in case he changes his mind someday and wants to go by his birth name once again. That name is part of who he is and a very special gift given to him by his first mother. We initially thought we would have a list of K names and let "B" choose the K name he wished to have. Then others said that may give him an unrealistic idea that the children are in charge of even big decisions in our family. I'm no child psychiatrist, but it makes sense. I would love to hear the opinions of others as this is such a big decision and not to be taken lightly. With that said, we have narrowed our K choices down to 4 (we think ha ha...we have narrowed it down several times only to realize we liked another name better). Please vote on your favorite one (poll in the sidebar). Here's my rundown on them:
Kabren - love it, doesn't sound too much like the other kids' names, but does it defeat the purpose of giving him an American name if it's so "out there" it still stands out?
Kyson - love it and would call him Ky, but Kyson sounds so much like Karson and they're the same age. Would that become an issue?
Kenton - this was my first #1 pick and think it fits his beautiful little face....until I heard it said in the most southern accent ever - Kent'n (barely saying the t at all). Didn't like that version of it AT ALL. Since we live in the south (and love it here), it would be said in a southern accent 90% of the time. ;) Would this drive me nuts?
Kinston - I really like this one too, but the kids are all having a hard time saying it. Once again, it's a little different.
We had a fun week last week! We had 1 early dismissal from school and 2 snow days! The kids were out of school on Thursday for snow and the temps were in the 60s by Saturday! Today we played outside in shorts and tshirts. Crazy! Here are some pictures from our snow play days.
She was starting to look a little rough by this point ;) She had lost her hat and hairbow and had ice stuck in her hair
Kemry would take the sled to the top of the hill by herself, sit in the sled by herself, and end up like this most of the way down. ha ha

Believe it or not, there is a sled under them. ha ha

He is so dramatic! HA HA
Our neighbor was sweet enough to give Karly a break for a while but he underestimated how fast the babies would catch up to him...he looks freaked out here that they're catching up to him. lol

Alex (the cutest nephew ever) and Karly

Nosey Kemry. :)

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Malia'sMama said...

Just having some K name fun :)

Sarah said...

My brother's name is Kent... I love it and it is still unique... maybe since Kenton is not being pronounced the way you want it, you can shorten it to just Kent!

Some other K names:

How wonderful for you to give him the choice of names... maybe he will want both... a K name followed by his birth name.

Can't wait to see him at home!

jeck said...

I like Kabren...

We had a couple at church that just had a baby and they named him Kelby. I thought it was different and fits into your K theme.

Good Luck!!!!

ellasmommy said...

I LOVE the name Kenton, and the funny thing is, we have the exact same problem about people not pronouncing the t in our Daeton's name. It did bother me for awhile, but not as much anymore. I also love the names Kelby, Kanon, or Kaenon. I don't think I've told you yet but I'm THRILLED for you and your family with your new addition! Congrats and I can't wait to see B's sweet face!
P.S.-Kemry is getting SO big! She's beautiful!

Ruthanne said...

I'm SO jealous that you got to play in the snow. Can you believe that Andrew still hasn't played in the snow???

Julia said...

If you like Ky, how about Kynan. I have a couple of friends with that name who go by Ky.

RE: giving him the choice, my 2 cents is that these kids have had so much that just happened to them that they had no control over, it might be empowering and healing to give him the chance to control something that will influence the rest of his life.

Good luck with the decision.

Vanessa said...

I like Kabren!! Your kids are gorgeous!!

Easties and Co. said...

Great pics btw! I love all the names you have picked out, but I voted for Kyson BECAUSE it is so close to Karson and they will be the same age (or very close I should say). It links them even more like twins to be the same age with similar names. I think it would be very very sweet for both of them. And the nickname Ky is awesome. But I think you can't go wrong with so many cute names picked out. Can't wait to see your beautiful boy!

Rachel said...

What about Kylan or Kai (pronounced Ky)? Those would be similar to Kyson without sounding too much like Karson--but I like Kyson too--such a cute name. I am sure you will choose just the right name for your beautiful new son!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love all the names, but how about if you let him actually chose the name. Give him the list and let him chose!

I LOVE Kyson so you can call him Ky.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love all the names, but how about if you let him actually chose the name. Give him the list and let him chose!

I LOVE Kyson so you can call him Ky.

Kerri said...

What about Konnor? My favorites on your list are Kabren and Kyson. I think you're right about Kenton getting butchered. I have a cousin named Kyle and it is frequently said "Kyul" and sounds awful. Ultimately, whatever you choose will be perfect. :0)

Faith, Family, Future said...

OK I am jumping in on this one only because I just found out last week that my daughters "boy"friend at school has a little brother whose name is Karrington. He is the most beautiful little black boy I have ever seen in my life, other than my little angel boy, of course!!

All of her friends family names start with K as well and I fell in love with this gorgeous child and his name!!

Just thought I would add another suggestion to your already endless list of names. LOL.

Of the four you listed I like Kyson and I think since they are the same age it would be "KOOL" to have names close as well.

I also like Kenton but totally understand the southern slang of pronouncing it correctly. Can't wait to find out which one you decide on and more excited to see this precious little guys face.


Steve & Amy said...

I glad I don't have to pick the name because i can't make decisions like that:) i think you'll know what name to call him when he is in your arms. The winter fun pictures are adorable ...especially nosey kemry:) hopefully that's the last of the snow we see!

kennethsrib said...

Kyson gets my vote, Kelly. It's sweet sounding and yes very similar to Karson and they ARE the same age, so it kinda makes sense, doesn't it?

Ky is a beautiful nickname. You are so blessed and I am so happy for you.

Samantha- Mama to Julian said...

beautiful pics of all the kids!
and yay for mr mom. good for him.

and re: the issue at hand i want to weigh in and disagree about letting him choose his name...
he is in a different situation than your other kids. they were all babies when you named them. i think it is a good thing to let him participate in this decision, showing him that you respect his past as well as his present and that you want him to play a role in his future.

just mho. :)

just my 2 cents.

Erica said...

I love your names!! I think Kabren is my favorite it doesn't seem too odd to me but then I love unique names.

We adopted our 3 year old son from Ethiopia and he was thrilled to have a new name. He had no problems when we gave him his name and proudly announced it. Its never been an issue and I'm not sure he would have understood the "pick your own name" game. Plus my other kids probably would have complained. Why'd HE get to pick his name and we didn't? ;) I think you and your husband choosing his name and giving it to him is something he'll treasure. You pondered and chose it just for him.

Now for some K names. The top three were on my name list for Silas. :)


Erica said...

OOOO and I forgot! Kale! I love that name, always have, my husband doesn't share the same love. :(

sonya said...

I like Kamden, Keegan, or even Keeton.
I think you are right about giving him a more "american type" name. If not, you could just keep his birth given name.
Although, both of my Guat girls were given "american names" and we changed them to Isela and Elina.
Hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly....can't wait to see what you all decide.

Lori :) said...

Wow . . . I didn't know there were so many K names out there! :) Awesome ideas . . . I can see why it's so hard to narrow it down!

I know what you mean about liking a name until you hear it pronounced with a different accent. We liked Mason for our second son, till we watched a show with these hill-billy type country folks and they yelled "Maaason . . . get yer butt in here!" Mason was crossed off the list after that. :)

We kept Wendy's name (Wendy Elizabeth) but added in Kathryn between the 2 names. She was going to be Kathryn Wendy Elizabeth and call her Katie, but when we met her and everyone (including herself)called her Wendy, I just couldn't bring myself to confuse her with Katie (plus she had a caretaker named Katie). However - a year and a half later, she is now wanting to be called Katie. :) When I call her Wendy she looks at me smiling and says "mom - why do you always forget my name? I'm Katie!" :) She so cute! :)
Maybe you can pick out 2 (or 3 at the most) names you like, and let him pick from that? Then it wouldn't be so overwhelming. Or, maybe he would want you to pick out his name like you did for his siblings?? It's so hard to know. I read a story once that had some adopted kids upset because they didn't get a new name, some upset because they didn't get to keep their birth name, and some that didn't care. ?? You just never know! :)

Blessed Mom of 8 said...


As you know 3 of our children were old enough to understand about a name change. We asked Jonathan and Abigail in Guatemala when we first met them if they liked the names God had given us for them. They loved having a new name picked out that was special from us. They didn't want to be called anything else. The foster families weren't so helpful and the kids learned to accept when they were with us on visits we would be calling them by their new name and when back at the foster home birth name. Our children loved having a new name. Now after being home almost two years and they fully know the language we ask them if they regret having a new name - they emphatically say NO! They don't want to be back in their old lives and love being here with new names and life that God has given them. They get it. It blows us away! Gabriel's name was just that in his native language. So all we did was take his native name and turned it into the English name which by the way God had given us 9 months before we knew him.

We allowed all of the children to pick their middle names - funny thing was they all picked our favorite! God ordained once again. Choosing a name doesn't give them power in your family. I can't even believe someone said that. They are old enough to understand and it feels special to them it is not about power. A name is extremely important - the bible makes that very clear. God gave power in the names He gave to everyone - and we all know the power in His Sons name Jesus!

Try not to stress about it - make a list of your favorites. And allow B to pick the one which is his favorite. I keep getting the name Kyle when I look at his photo.

Lots of love and hugs - praying you are all healed and able to have your romantic dinner!