Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leaving for Ethiopia!

(wait, I think I have said that at least once already haha)


Behailu passed his TB test! I will leave here at 3am to get to Charlotte airport by 7:30am. My flight leaves at 9:30am arriving at JFK at 11:30am where I meet up with my traveling buddy, Tara! :) We get to hang out with two awesome Guat adoptive moms (Sheri, Curtis' mom & Natalie, Arianna's mom) in NYC all day. Our flight leaves (Emirates) at 11:30 pm. We land in Dubai at 7:30pm on Sunday (Dubai time), stay overnight in the airport hotel there, and leave Dubai at 8:25am landing in Ethiopia at 11:30am on Monday (which will be our 6:30pm EST). CRAZY HUH???? :)

We leave Ethiopia at 7:30pm Friday night the 24th (our 2:30am Sat the 25th), arrive in NYC at 7:30am on Saturday, and I arrive back in Charlotte at 7:30pm.

Blogger is banned in Ethiopia, so I won't be able to blog photos. Their internet is on and off and dial up at best. I am going to try to upload updates to my blog through my yahoo account (which I hear works a little better) and post on facebook if that is possible. If nothing else works, I'll call John and ask him to post for us. :)

I wanted to post a few pictures from Easter though. I have been so consumed with finishing this adoption, I haven't been posting on my other cuties as much.

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marley girl said...

Wow Kelly! I'm so happy and excited for you!!! (even though you won't be able to give the judge those chocolates for us. lol) Have safe and happy travels and please give Zewdu a squeeze for us!!

--Jenn in Canada

Ruthanne said...

YAHOOO!!!! have a GREAT time!!! Can't wait to see pics of you and B together!!!!!

Jillian and Crew said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to meet you on Wed but this is WAYYYY BETTER NEWS!!!!!!


Mary Ann said...

Praise the Lord! That came quickly! I am praying for you to have a very safe trip and that you and your son has a very wonderful bonding time and a wonderful trip home!I will try to be at the airport. I will keep checking in with you on FB and here.

Kerri said...

I love the pics of your sweeties. Can't wait to see one more face in the bunch! Hope you're having a great trip so far.

Lori :) said...

So excited for you! :) Love the kid's pics too! I gave up on getting decent pics of the kids at Easter this year. It was too cold outside and couldn't get the kids to cooperate much anyways. Oh well. :)

Can't wait to see more pics of your newest member!

Travel safe! You are in my prayers!

Hannah said...

The pictures of the kids are great!! I know you are already on your way, praying that you will have a safe trip full of love and joy!

Paula said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip. :)

Vanessa said...

Your kids are all so gorgeous!!! Praying for safe travels for you!