Friday, April 03, 2009


TODAY IS KARSON'S 6th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adoption News - Apparently they still may get our date set for April 22 (travel April 18-25). We won't know until Monday or Tuesday for sure which will give us 10-11 days until travel if it's April 22. Ahhhh I am still having a hard time deciding where to stay. Here are my choices:

The Dimitri Hotel - This place is great that I hear it's very clean, friendly, and the food is great, but it has no outside place for Behailu to play. It's a bit more expensive than the other places but it's a hotel instead of a guest house.

Yeka Guest House - Great yard, but I don't know a lot more about it.

Addis Guest House - No yard, but seems very nice otherwise. We don't know anyone personally who has stayed here.

Please be praying for us as so much is still uncertain. I still may have to travel alone as everyone who is willing to go with me is having passport issues that cannot be worked out quickly. A good friend who recently moved away reminded me that perhaps God wants me to travel alone so He can be the one beside me. :) That is such a fantastic thought. Then I realize I get lost in my own town...often. HA HA

On a FANTASTIC NOTE, the 7th grade middle school band which Kollin plays percussion in got a PERFECT SCORE today in competition! They will be traveling to state competitions. We were very proud of them today. They sounded amazing!

Kollin is furthest to the left

Kollin is 2nd from the left.

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Ruthanne said...


Kerri said...

Happy birthday Karson!!!

Hope you get your travel arrangements settled soon.

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday cutie pie!!!! Wow Kelly time is flying and you will be leaving before you know it! Hope you are all ready for Mr. Kolton!!!Praying for you and your family!

Wasileski Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Karson! I cannot believe that we have "known" each other for almost 7 years and never met! Isn't that crazy! lol We have got to plan a trip to TN before we move from Ohio.