Wednesday, May 13, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today my sweet girl turns 12 years old (at 10:46am actually ha ha). It's hard to believe. I know I say that every time one of the kids have a birthday, but seriously where does the time go???
Yesterday we spent the afternoon before soccer enjoying the sunshine. It has rained here nonstop for weeks....good for our drought, but bad for our playtime. :)
Karaline, my nature girl

It doesn't take sweet Kemry long to wilt in the humidity. lol She sweats like nothing else! She is beautiful even sweaty. :)

Karson is adjusting as well as expected to Kolton, but he is still
having the hardest time of all adjusting to our newest addition. :) In the
Kolton playing soccer with anyone willing to kick it with him. He puts his soccer cleats and pads on first thing in the morning. Ihad to hide all the soccer socks because he was wearing them all and the kids wouldn't have any clean for games. Now he just raids mommy and daddy's drawers for regular socks.
Karaline Olivia
Kolton wrote his name on the driveway. He can spell it verbally too - K, O, one, cross, O, N. LOL
I'm so sad that my sweet Kollin is on a field trip with his school until Friday night. :( Seriously, don't these teachers know that's FAR too long for mommies to be away from their kids, even if they are 13? lol
"the boys"
All the kindergarten boys - our neighbor, Kolton, and Karson. They are all the same age. Kolton is actually smaller than Karson but is closer to the camera here.
Even though they haven't gotten along very well lately (they have oil and water personalities), they sure look sweet here don't they? lol
Kemry lost a shoe and all the boys came running to her rescue! ha ha It was so sweet!
Kolton pushing his sister
Karaline - my tree hugger....for REAL
Who wouldn't melt with that smile and those eyes?
Kemry, aka Miss Class! lol She had to stick her hot dog in her mouth so she could focus on putting her shoes on the wrong feet. LOL
Mr. Handsome
Kemry cracks me up...she is so funny.
Don't ask me why he is making this crazy Or eating a burrito outside in the yard.

Those's so unfair.
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Eastiopians said...

I love seeing pics of all your children, especially now that
Ko1ton (hehe) is home! I'm sure your two young boys will work out there differences in due time.... It may make them even closer in the long run, because they may learn to rely on each other's strengths. Happy b-day to your sweet girl!

Kerri said...

Happy birthday Karly!!!
Love all the pics! :-)

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi Kelly!

Your blog is simply beautiful! I really enjoyed all the wonderful pics. You really know how to capture a precious momments! I like photography but mainly landscape even though I catch myself taking a pic of my husband's beautiful smile and I know that when the Lord blesses us with our children my camera will follow them everywhere they go lol. You guys have a huge heart welcoming these two beautiful children into your lives. We are praying for bilogica children but we would also like to adopt in the near's a calling that we have! Have a blessed day with your beautiful family!

Hugs, Susan

Martin and Kendell said...

Kelly-ALL of your children are just gorgeous! I love seeing pics of them! Keep 'em coming!!!

Paula said...

What beautiful children! And oh yes, they grow up fast... I have one turning 20 next month. 20! I cannot possibly be old enough to be that boy's mother! Continued good wishes to you as you all adjust to being a family together. Hugs.

Leah Reeves said...

Did you know you have the most adorable kids?

Jillienne said...

Great Pictures! I don't know if I have commented here before or not but you have a wonderful family!

We just brought home our son from Ethiopia in April also, he is now 8 months. He joined our other 5 children, we also have a daughter from Ethiopia and 4 bios.!


VALARIE said...

So much fun. Remember I told you he had the longest eyelashes I'd ever seen? The whole family is gorgeous. Even my dad said so. LOL!

Joshua and Lydia Rich said...

Hi Kelly, your family is so beautiful! Kolton is so blessed to have all of you! I love that you adopted an "older" child, who are the ones who need families the most...I think we are going to have to adopt again in a few years just so we can follow your example!

Michelle Smiles said...

So sweet seeing them all together.

Debbie said...

Kelly, I love seeing all the pictures!!!!!! They are great and 'Ko one cross on' is so handsome!!! Yeah he is home!!!!!!!!! How is his verbal skills? How is the understanding?



Great update, Kelly! Love the pics and all those smiles -- what blessings you have!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday Karlty! You sure are a beautiful, lovely girl!!!!!
Kelly We have kids the same age, except mine are right behind yours. Jordan is turning 13 on the 23rd! Waaa! You can read my new post about that. Josiah will be turning 12 in Oct.

All the pictures are so Beautiful of all the kids!!! Precious children! Looks like Kolton is doing fine adjusting!!!

Jenny said...

Your children are beautiful! I remember meeting Kolton, such an adorable little man!

I am glad be is home with you forever!


MoonNStarMommy said...

Awwwwwww I love all the new photos!!! Happy Birthday Karly!!! I can't believe it's been so long since we met & she's gotten so big

I just wanted to let you know that I awarded you something in my blog!
Check it out!