Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer fun 2

We are continuing to settle in very well with Kolton Behailu! It's amazing to me how fast he is learning English and adjusting to his new life. He is starting to open up and tell me a lot about his past which is a great sign of bonding. He is experiencing so many firsts and loving them all. We have had a busy summer (hence the no posting). We have been to the beach and to Chicago this summer. The trip to Chicago (I'll post pictures in the next post) was great because we got to meet up with some friends half way in Indy and then Kolton's best friends from Ethiopia in Chicago. That was like a breath of fresh air to see those kids together again. They have such an amazing bond. While we were in Chicago though I had to take Karly to the ER (and I now have a fav new hospital - Good Samaritan). She was SO SO sick. They took very good care of her and the end result was pneumonia and SWINE FLU! Anyway more about Chicago later. Here are some pictures of the beach and the week or two before the beach.
Shelling crabs
Kemry and my nephew...I thought this was so precious
Karson and my nephew, Alex
Karly's tshirt says "Nature Needs You" and she is about to eat this crab. lol
Lizard girl and her friend
morning puffy eyes

Kolton with white gloves lol

The whole fam including scowling Kemry LOL
Kollin holding a jellyfish ever so small
Kollin burying his dad
and someone gave him boobs lol I think he needs a new plastic surgeon
Kemry drinks-a-lot
So excited he doesn't know what to do....except a handstand
Me and my sisters - Kayla (the baby), me (the old one), and Kasey (the middle child). Our brother didn't get to come :(

Karaline is such a die-hard fisherman (errr um fishergirl) she sat out in the pouring rain all day on the rainy day we had.
Kolton loves fishing too
Kemry didn't sleep so well out of routine but when she crashed, she crashed hard. Hotdog and juice in hand
The kayak was a HUGE hit!
forever hunting for critters
Karly became pretty good at it
July 4 in Mobile, AL
We loved the canoe too

Kemry and my nephew
kissing cousins
Karly skimboarding
my 3 babies
The Cash Crew
The Cash Crew + Alex :) All my parents' grandchildren

Ft Gaines

She's so hard-core

Dauphin Island Sea Lab
BROTHERS Karly who's growing up way too fast

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