Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Homeschool Room & Trip to Chicago

Our first week of homeschooling got off to a great start! We finished our classroom (after this photo was taken) on Saturday the 8th and started homeschooling on Monday the 10th. The big kids went off to middle school the same day. We missed them terribly!!!!! We are LOVING homeschooling though.
This was my kids around lunch on the first day. Early morning was a harsh reality after a summer of sleeping in.
We studied The Story of Ping and got to do science experiments on bouyoncy - FUN

We took lots of breaks to play with the kittens (which are still needing homes! LOL)

and to watch tv in soccer uniforms
The week before school started we went to Chicago with John on business. It was a short but VERY eventful trip! Karly got very sick and ended up in the ER. The end result was SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought it was just media hype! Oh and this picture taken in Indiana was just after Kolton spilled his water in his lap. lol
We also got to meet with some very special friends while we were in Chicago. Two of Kolton's best friends from the orphanage he is from now lives in Chicago with their precious precious mom.

They are like brothers and it was as if they were never apart a single day!

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Jessica said...

I'm so excited to hear that your first week of homeschooling went well. I just love your "classroom." Calen just loved Ping, well, he pretty much loved ALL of our books. He just loved, loved, loved science experiments. I pray that you will have many more fun homeschooling adventures.

Hannah said...

We are homeschooling this year too. I have been promised that we will have our school room built (it is what was the unfinished storage room in the basement) by Christmas...I am hoping that is true :)

I have heard a little about Classical do you like them? I am just using a mixture of things this year but so far so good!

Have a great year!

Eastiopians said...

Your homeschool classroom is incredible. I am so glad Kolton reconnected with his friends from ET! Great pics!

Debbie said...

You were so close to me!!!!!!!
I would have loved seeing you all!!


Carissa said...

Your classroom looks so organized! Glad you are off to a great start. :)