Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas


We wish you a blessed Christmas from our big crazy family to yours!


John, Kelly, Kollin, Karly, Karaline, Karson, Kolton, Kemry, and baby Kerrigan

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Christmas with Family


At our Christmas party with my mom's side of the family, Santa came and gave all the kids a goody bag! :) They were SOOOOOOO excited. Karson is convinced that it was the REAL santa and not just a helper like mall santas are. :) The little ones were beside themselves and even the big ones enjoyed their treats!

We also got a surprise ice/snow storm to play in! :)
I LOVE that our whole neighborhood comes out to play! :)
The high school marching band put on a wonderful Christmas concert for us to enjoy as well! :) Kollin is in percussion. :)
And we had an ultrasound to see baby Kerrigan! :) She reminds us so much of Karson but she is a bit on the small size (about 2 weeks behind). They are expecting her to be in the mid 6lb range at 40 weeks instead of the mid-upper 7's like my other macho babies were. :)
To be small though, it isn't showing on mama! Here I am at 35 weeks with a month left to go.
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Monday, December 06, 2010

34 Weeks Pregnant

Here I am today at 34 weeks 3 days. Can you believe I have to go for an ultrasound tomorrow because I'm measuring 4cm SMALL?!?!?!?! lol I am ginormous and growing out of all my maternity shirts. What do you do when maternity doesn't fit?!?!
And here is what happened when a ceramic platter fell off my wall and landed on my foot. Today is day 3 of barely walking at all, but it IS getting much better. The swelling is almost all gone at least and I can put more weight on the inside of my foot. Don't make fun of the paint job. :) At 34 weeks pregnant I cannot reach my toes. I slapped this mess on my toenails right after I did this because I was afraid I was going to have to go to the ER and have a lot of focus on my badly ignored feet. LOL

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Giving Thanks

Here is a recap of our Thanksgiving. I forgot to get my camera out until after several people had left. What's wrong with me??? And some of these are from the few days after Thanksgiving when I was wilding Christmas decorating. :)

Warning: The pictures from here down have had no editing and they are grossly out of order...sorry, I am seriously lacking in the time dept these days. :)
This is what your front door looks like all the time when you have a great dane. Muddy pawprints to the very top of the door.
This is how all our family get-togethers end. Kemry and Alex end up in their undies usually from completely destroying whatever had been put on them earlier that day. LOL Then they act like silly monkeys. Wait, they are always silly monkeys!
This couldn't describe them better....Kemry's undies backwards (ALWAYS) and being rougher than Alex would like. LOL
LOL her granny undies turned backwards TOTALLY cracks me up. You can tell her J-Lo booty has them stretched out a bit in the back. ;)
This was one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving. Every year everyone signs our Thanksgiving tablecloth with what they are thankful for. Last year Kolton had been home 6mo and I had to write what he told me (except his name). We also pushed for him to say anything other than materialistic things (and yes he says Etiopia instead of Ethiopia).
This is this year's, written by him and completely UNprompted. He wasn't around when anyone else signed theirs, so this was 100% him. My sisters and I headed out to shop Thanksgiving night looking a little worn and rough already! lol I was wondering at this point if we had lost our minds! Kasey was 30 weeks pregnant and I was 32 weeks pregnant and we were leaving at 10pm knowing if we were lucky we would be home by 10 am (we weren't home until more like 3pm).
Our sales papers after we ate lunch :) Ready for devouring :)
Kollin thinking of what to write on the tablecloth. :)
My brother, Kellon, and Karaline
My youngest sister Kayla and my brother Kellon
The kids playing a game the colonial children played, possibly at the first Thanksgiving. :) Fox and Geese

My siblings and I! Kellon , Kasey, Me, Kayla
THEN I hit the Christmas spirit after I had rested a few days from our 17hour shopping trip! :) I loved this fabric and couldn't figure out what to make from it so I made pillows. I had also broken/bruised my foot that day moving dishes from one wall to the other so I made these with my foot propped up (and it SHOWS).
Our tree
Then I decoupaged this C for our door wreath. The bow looks horrible because the glass storm door mashes it.
Then I made this coffee filter wreath
Then I made these advent tags for the Christmas tree (I totally copied this as well as the wreath and the C from other blog mamas who are way more creative and talented than I am.
I only half did it and didn't make it anywhere near as cute as the other preson I saw.
We also went a little Buddy the Elf and made these for our doorways. LOVE how they look at night
And I made these picture ornaments out of canning lids. I have seen this a dozen times but on the one blog I follow theywere WAY more adorable than any I have ever seen. I'm just lazy (and had to do what I could with my foot propped up) so they are no where near as cute as hers. :)