Monday, January 04, 2010

Princess BARLOW

She is 6 weeks old, a great dane puppy, and the sweetest thing ever! She is worth the sleepless nights we are having right now. lol

We can literally see a difference in her size every morning. It's crazy how fast she is growing.
She is a total lap dog even though that is tougher and tougher each day (to FIT)

She has HUGE feet and it is so cute to see her try to run with those things.

She and Kemry are best buddies

Bentley, however, is going to need more convincing that she is a good thing. He is a little more than wigged out right now and any time we play with her even for a second, he grabs his ball and wants to redirect the attention back to him.

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Kerri said...

LOL! You're crazy! (but she sure is cute!)

Jen said...

Kelly --

Be warned!! We did the exact (and I mean exact) same thing. Our Phoebe could be Barlow's twin. What breeder did she come from?? She was fine when she was small, but then turned into a 100 lb., unruly, jumping-up-on-people puppy! We thought we could deal with that, but then she started running at Ian (3 years old), lowering her shoulder, and hitting him in the thighs, and sending him flying up into the air, cartoon-style! Really funny, but then again not so much. He became SO afraid of her, and it made me so sad. She really was a good girl, but was still a puppy.

We ultimately had to find her a new home with some friends without children who could devote the time to her that she deserved. My suggestion? Bark Busters in-home training. Early and lots of it. We still miss her and the big lazy dog we wanted her to be. She probably will be a great dog -- about the time she turns 2!

Oh, and she nearly killed herself by ingesting ALL the weed matting that we buried so diligently under her dog run. $3,000 in emergency surgery on a Saturday night was no fun. So watch her every move. Our take away was that she was every bit the supermodel -- huge, with eating issues, and not the sharpest tool in the shed. :-)

Kelly said...

Jen thank you so much for the tips!!!!!! :) I have read and seen from other families we know these issues. Yes we can already see some problem behaviors that aren't so problem as a 10lb puppy that will be as a 100lb puppy. I have her enrolled in an intro obedience class and then another obedience training specifically for danes and their problems. We will start that in 3 week ( have to have 2nd round shots first). You're right....that 2yr old dog is what I want. LOL We first looked into rescues and was very close to getting one from a rescue, but the trainer recommended against it because our yorkie is a little dog aggressive. They thought it would be best to start him out with a puppy otherwise an already established dog wouldn't tolerate his bossiness. It's tough but I have a NO tolerance rule for her and rough housing (her or the kids). She has already learned in 2 days to stop chewing on the kids' hands because I'm on her the second she does and she is beginning to understand no running. Even though she is small now, she goes to timeout if she jumps on us or runs in the house. It sometimes feels silly putting a little puppy in timeout for those things, but I know she will get big SO fast and it's easier to teach her now. How old is Pheobe now? That's great you knew someone to take her!

Paula said...

She's adorable. I love dogs. Enjoy your puppy!

Amy said...

Oh....puppyhood! I remember all the sleepless nights. Our Sydney a typical stubborn husky)is now 10 months old and I never thought we would survive this long. However, I persevered and she is calming down and becoming the dog we wanted. We, too, have gone through a puppy class and a beginner training class. I am looking into continuing on with the advanced beginner class. Puppies sure are a lot of work and with small children...holy cow. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It is great now to see that all my hard work has paid off though...and yours will too.

We still have a few issues we are working on, but have seen tremendous improvement over time and with training. Sydney used to LOVE to tackle our children as well. That was very difficult and is still a problem at times. Training has helped a lot because she responds when we call her...thus, interupting the behavior.

Good luck and the puppy is adorable!!!

Laurie said...

Aaaah how CUTE! I'm a huge dog lover and am really wanting a big dog for a change. One day soon! :)

Kathy said...

Wow!! Very cute and very big!

michelle said...

such a cutie! We got a tiny chihuahua a couple of years ago and our cocker spaniel, Chip would not accept her. We finally found tiny a great home with a friend from church who had recently lost her chihuahua after 23 years! May the force be with you! Your Christmas card is lovely, your children so happy. I love the photo of your snow covered home, looks like a Currier and Ives setting : )

Robyn said...

What a cute pup!! Your yorkie is adorable, too!! We have 2 yorkies!! :)

Amy said...

Kelly...I just trained my husky to use our treadmill! Great way to get out the puppy energy. I highly recommend it if you have a treadmill!