Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homeschooling Perks

Getting to do "bible/history/art" in your PJs.....making a coat of many colors like Joseph's
VERY cute classroom pets

Science experiments, literature, and BREAKFAST all combined in one .....who doesn't LOVE Dr. Seuss???

But the BIGGEST REASON I LOOOOOOOVE homeschooling is.............

getting that "OH NO what are they doing" sinking feeling when the house suddenly falls QUIET, but finding this instead

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you fall in love with a stock pot?

We have been stuck in decorating disaster the past couple of weeks. I decided I was tired of my drab darker colors and needed a fresh facelift in the house. The walls have gone from dark olive green to "Bermuda Sand". The kitchen backsplash has a very southern beadboard now. The powder room is now light blue, cream, and black. I'm no where near finished or I would post pictures.

HOWEVER I had to post that I have a new LOVE. I am in LOVE with my new stock pot. I haven't cooked anything in it so I have no idea if it does the job, lol But I have it sitting on my stovetop and I look at it at least 100 times a day just because I think it's SO PRETTY sitting in there. Does this make me a bonified country bumpkin? I'm afraid it probably does.

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

B is for...

- B -
Basketball, Ballet, Blizzards, Barlow
Well we are smack dab in the middle of winter, edging closer and closer to spring (and not soon enough!) Karly just finished up this year's ballet production. It was the best yet (I say that every year)!!! We are so blessed to be part of such an amazing Christian CLASSICAL ballet company! Karly gets taught proper ballet and is surrounded by Christian principles at the same time. Dancing for Jesus is the BEST reason to dance! I will upload pictures as soon as we get our copies of the professional shots. Mine were about as good as these basketball shots below. lol

The little boys are both playing Upward Basketball and Karly has been cheering for the middle school basketball teams trying to balance cheer and ballet as always. Both boys have totally opposite ways of LOVING it but they both LOVE it. :) Kolton is well...ummm..a bit of a ball hog. yikes! Karson likes to watch the game go by from the sidelines (OR center court as part of the team). I love that they are all so unique!


Karson dribbling down the court... doesn't he look like he has it all together in this pic? ;)

Karson and Kolton side by side
(and little teeny Gabriel on the end)

Kolton taking a shot

Can you tell they are having a BLAST?

Taking instruction

Karson's first at dribble drills

Kolton learning to "chest pass"
devotion time
Kemry & Karly
Karaline playing dinosaurs in the snow...Barlow is about to crash that party

Karly and Barlow

Sweet Kemry prior to being sick. She has had pneumonia and thanks to our ped's aggressive treatment she bounced back fast. Scared the daylights out of me though!

Peek a boo
Kollin enjoying the snow day from INSIDE (I finally kicked them all off their laptops and gameboys and sent them outside for some exercise in the snow!)

I'm SOOO ready to be eating steak on this table straight off the grill!
Kemry and Barlow are best friends and almost the same size already at 11 weeks old! She is learning so quickly too. She has mastered sit, hand marking, shaking hands, and almost has the down command. She is already about 80-90% housetrained.

puppy love


Kemry hearts Barlow

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