Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you fall in love with a stock pot?

We have been stuck in decorating disaster the past couple of weeks. I decided I was tired of my drab darker colors and needed a fresh facelift in the house. The walls have gone from dark olive green to "Bermuda Sand". The kitchen backsplash has a very southern beadboard now. The powder room is now light blue, cream, and black. I'm no where near finished or I would post pictures.

HOWEVER I had to post that I have a new LOVE. I am in LOVE with my new stock pot. I haven't cooked anything in it so I have no idea if it does the job, lol But I have it sitting on my stovetop and I look at it at least 100 times a day just because I think it's SO PRETTY sitting in there. Does this make me a bonified country bumpkin? I'm afraid it probably does.

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Eastiopians said...

I love it pretty. One of my fave colors. Also, your paint colors sound wonderful...can't wait to see pics. You are making the most of this season of being go girl! :)


Our Family of 5 said...

I think I am in love wiht your stock pot!