Friday, March 12, 2010

Bible Study

When we are doing our "meat and bones" Bible study (we're studying James right now with the older 5 kids), we usually wait until Kemry is in bed. Anyone who knows Kemry understands why an intense discussion of anything cannot involve Kemry at this moment in time. lol Well last night she had a late nap and wasn't ready for bed when Bible study time rolled around. She was so funny. She tried so hard to be "big" and discuss big kid things with us. She kept her little Bible on her lap and would frantically flip through pages like she could find James. She cracked me up. Bible study was still quite a disaster with her involved (she likes to talk/read, which 90% of it right now is impossible to understand, in a VERY LOUD voice without breaks that effectively blocks out anything anyone else wants to say). Sweet thing just wants to be like us but doesn't fully understand talking turn taking just yet. lol
How funny is this picture of her kicked back with her Bible?
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