Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poor Injured Turtle

For some reason our kids attract injured animals that will most likely not survive. I know it is a good life lesson for them, but at the same time I get sad for my kids when their efforts to "save" an injured animal don't work.

Meet Tuck. He was found after my brother-in-law burned brush on his property. His shell had been burned and while it isn't too bad and we read the shell can regenerate, we're pretty sure since the burn was above his head (while he was tucked inside his shell), that it gave him some sort of brain damage. He sticks his head out, looks around, waves his arms, but cannot walk and hasn't taken his back legs out. He won't eat either....a recipe for disaster. He kind of acts like he's in his own little happy world.

Any turtle neurologists out there? We seem to be in need of one.

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Hezra said...

oh dear, poor tuck. Well, I am NOT a turtle neurologist. We have raised a couple of wild baby turtles. My guess is the not eating thing is natures way of saying, "uh oh, poor tuck is pretty bad off internally". We have done this with a baby squirrel. His own not eating caused his death, but we kept him as comfortable as possible in the meantime. AND when you think about it, if Tuck is kind of in a strange lil world of his own-- it may kind of be that he doesnt feel anything. Even hunger or pain. Sorry, we have had these things happen too. We are suckers for sad things in need. But it may be that we are also compassionate.

Eastiopians said...

So sad. Any nature centers in your area that could help? We have one right down the road from us, and I bet they would be willing to take an injured turtle in...ya never know. If you want to make a trip to Knoxville, then call IJAMS nature center and see what they say.

Our Family of 5 said...

Tuck knew what he was doing when the Cash kids saved him! He is in the best hands. Hope he makes a speedy recovery!

Marsha said...

Poor little turtle. My children are also good at bringing home the injured.