Saturday, June 26, 2010


LOTS of MAMAS around here
Our cat Peyton had 4 kittens on Mother's Day. They have had the most amazing group of mamas looking out for them in addition to the already amazing mother, Peyton!
The funniest one of course is 85lb Barlow who thinks she is mama cat.

And of course the kids...the kittens were born in Karaline & Karly's room so they have slept in the floor every night with them since (even though they are supposed to stay in their basket). The kittens are so attached to the girls.
And of course Kemry is a good mama too. :)
They are all spoken for except for one and they are ready to go, so I need to find a home for one of them soon!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

God is blessing us with #7

First of all, when I wrote the post a couple posts ago titled "Are We Done Yet" we truly had NO plans to have or adopt another child. Looking back, it was obviously God preparing my heart for what was to come even though I had no idea yet. I had been bombarded with comments that week asking if we were done and I felt I needed to address it.

So we thought we were finished HAVING children and if we were to ever add another child in the future it would be by adoption again. I have had several miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy (which was actually a much more rare abdominal pregnancy). The ectopic pregnancy has been the most difficult to recover emotionally from. We were not expecting that baby and it wasn't at the best time and we were initially, for the first time ever, not very happy about that pregnancy. That didn't last long but shortly after we realized we would accept God's blessing, we found out it was ectopic and the rest is history. I never forgave myself for initially being upset about that blessing and felt that's why it was taken away from me.

So life went on. In May we found out, to our surprise, we were expecting. I had no reason to suspect that I could be expecting....seriously, NONE! But I had a dream one night (about 3 weeks 4 days pregnant) that I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I woke up cracking up because there was "no way" I could be pregnant. That didn't stop me from taking one though! LOLOL I went straight out and bought a test and lo and behold it was POSITIVE! I thought it was a fluke...John thought it was a fluke. There was just no way I could be pregnant AND a DREAM told me to take it?!?!

Not only that, but we are due the exact same day I was due with the ectopic pregnancy! It truly felt like God was saying, "Ok I'm giving you another chance...will you happily accept my blessing and TRUST me that I am in control at ALL times now???" I was immediately through the roof with joy. So was John! The fact that God was choosing US to bless once again trumped all other things (expense of another vehicle, addition, baby expenses, negative reactions from some family, busy schedule already!!!, etc). We could easily become consumed by worldly reasons not to have a big family, but that is not what we want for our lives. We never want to miss a blessing from God or believe we know more than God. God would never give us more than we could handle.

Ok so my next concern was my sweet sister. She had been trying for over 2 years to get pregnant and I didn't want her to be hurt that I wound up pregnant before her while trying to PREVENT. While I was exploding inside with happiness and my sisters are my best friends, I dreaded telling her.

Meanwhile I am having to go in for bloodwork and ultrasound scans every couple of days because of my history of ectopic and miscarriage. Everything looked fine but I was still a nervous wreck and having a ton of the same symptoms I had had with the ectopic. During all this it became too impossible to hide it from my sisters because they knew I was going to these mysterious doctor appts every couple of days. lol They thought I had cancer. ACK!

I started praying that my sister's potential adoption situation would pull through (it was looking rocky) or that she would get pregnant so the pain of our pregnancy wouldn't be as hard for her. Just a few days later, she called me to say she WAS PREGNANT!!!! After 2 years of trying she was pregnant due 15 days after me (and Kemry and Alex are 15 days apart too).

Kasey had had a dream a few weeks before that she and her SIL were pregnant at the same time but it was really she and her sister.

It's all so crazy how it worked out but we are SO grateful and excited. It's amazing how God is showing us that by trusting Him, He will provide. We have gotten mostly happy and supportive replies. We have a few family members who have never been supportive of our growing family from #1 and still aren't with #7 and that's ok. Their lack of support has no impact on our happiness. :) It does hurt a lot, but in the end all that matters is our walk with God and our family. We cannot let the opinions of others control our obedience. :)

SOOOO that's our enormous story! lol If you made it through all of that, you're amazing. Here is another picture of "baby K" at 6 weeks 4 days. I'm now 10 weeks 2 days and I'm sure s/he has changed tremendously. I keep having dreams that it is a girl, but everything else points to it being a boy. We will see in 7-10 weeks I suppose. :) Either way we will throw off our boy = girl balance. :) Also for the first time I truly have NO preference even slightly whether we have a boy or a girl. :)


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Sunday, June 06, 2010

God's Sense of Humor

Wanna know how we know God has a sense of humor????

We are very unexpectedly expecting!
Yep, Baby K #7 is due in January!

Wanna hear something even crazier??? My sister, who has been trying for over 2yrs with no luck, found out a few days after me she is expecting too!!!! We are due 15 days apart (Kemry & Alex are also 15 days apart). I'm 8 weeks & Kasey is 6 weeks.

In a few days I will post my whole "how God is written ALL OVER THIS" post. It's truly truly amazing how He is in control and knows and prepares our every moment.


"Baby K" at 5 weeks 6 days beside some of my 2 billion pregnancy tests
(Yeah it took a while to "get it" lol)

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