Saturday, June 26, 2010


LOTS of MAMAS around here
Our cat Peyton had 4 kittens on Mother's Day. They have had the most amazing group of mamas looking out for them in addition to the already amazing mother, Peyton!
The funniest one of course is 85lb Barlow who thinks she is mama cat.

And of course the kids...the kittens were born in Karaline & Karly's room so they have slept in the floor every night with them since (even though they are supposed to stay in their basket). The kittens are so attached to the girls.
And of course Kemry is a good mama too. :)
They are all spoken for except for one and they are ready to go, so I need to find a home for one of them soon!

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Amy said...

The pics are so sweet. It is amazing to me how animals will mother any baby. Barlow is huge and gorgeous. We just added a new playmate to our house for Sydney (our husky). Congrats on expecting. Love checking in on your blog.

Kerri said...

Sweet! (Just an fyi - the theme this week at iheartfaces is pets. One of those pics would be perfect imo.)

Hannah said...

I already told you this on FB but I love these pictures, Your dog stole my heart. What a sweetie :)

Paula said...

Oh, they're so cute... wish I could have one! We have three dogs and two cats; I love pets almost as much as kids (but not quite!) I think it would be great to have a puppy or a kitten at all times, but I think my husband might divorce me. :)