Friday, August 06, 2010

Goodbye Summer Fun

All this summer bliss must come to an end. School starts on Monday. I am SO excited about starting a new homeschool year with my smaller 3 but so sad that my biggest two are leaving me to go back to school. 8th grade and HIGH SCHOOL. I cannot believe Kollin will start high school this year.
I rarely make an appearance on my blog but got my picture taken at a family reunion this summer with all the cousins I grew up with. Ahhhh the memories. :) I'm between my two sisters in the front standing row.
This is one of the few pics I got of my big boy this summer. He was always at band or hiding from my camera. Ain't he GORGEOUS? ;)
Karson hanging out on my great grandmother's front porch. She raised 7 kids in this house and this spot was her favorite spot...her front porch glider.

The food our family can produce is mind blowing. :)
Kemry with her two cousins!
Kollin & Brad (Kayla's BOYFRIEND...oooooh)
Tying a string to a June Bug's leg with uncle Daniel. Who needs gameboys?
Kolton getting bear hugs from Nanny, my mama!
the cornhole obsession has struck the Cash Crew two beauties in a swing

We also went to Columbus, OH this summer to meet up with some amazing friends.

Of course I couldn't leave out baby #7! LOL We got to see her this summer too. :) Here are a couple more u/s pics. The top one is of her loooong legs (she will fit right in here) & the bottom pic is of her sleeping with her little hand propped on her cheek. As of today the name decision is down to either Kallie Elizabeth or Kerrigan Elizabeth. We are SOOOOO in love with this girl already!!!

showing me how she holds her nose before going under water
Kemry feeding the kids in the pool because they would starve to death otherwise. They won't get out even for food.

Ridin' the coasters at Dollywood

Kolton found a friend....although he wasn't pleased with him being that close to his skin. lol He was totally faking enjoying this for the pictures
Ahhh the sweat...Dollywood is SO HOT

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