Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crazy Nesting = lots of work for the guys - Ripped up the carpet

A few weeks ago I got a crazy nesting spurt and decided at 8:30pm on a Friday evening just as John was getting home from work to rip up all our carpet because I was tired of the "dirty hair" feeling it gave me. The carpet was out by 10pm and piles of disgusting dirt was swept up by midnight. We spent all day Sat sanding the subfloor and then on and off the rest of the week and weekend routing grooves in the subfloor. Yep, the subfloor. I got the idea of decorating blogs when people like me (extremely impulsive) rip their flooring up with no budget or plan to replace it right away. lol

This was the finished product (minus trim and some touching up) just before it was completely dry. It dried just a bit less shiny. I love it...imperfect, full of nicks and dents like an old farmhouse floor. I don't have to stress over it because it's already imperfect and it JUST a subfloor.

The best yucky gross carpet that still feels gross after it has been steam cleaned! I have to swiffer constantly because it really shows everything, but at least it shows it and I can get it up unlike carpet! :)

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Steph T said...

Hi Kelly, I linked to your blog from the hypnobabies group...just wanted to say I LOVE this idea. I wonder if I could convince my hubby to risk dining room and living room is all one room and carpeted. With our large family (8 kids) and daycare, it's sooo impractical and I hate it. ;) Thanks for sharing!

The Nielsen Clan said...

I too am from the Hypnobabies group. I also LOVE this idea for the flooring!
I also read about your adoptions and my heart just kept tugging. I've wanted to adopt for a long time, but it's never been right. Who knows what the Lord really has in store for me. :)
I also love the sound of your homeschool co-op. We homeschool as well and something like this would be so fun to get involved with.
You have a beautiful family. Thanks for letting us have a peek into your lives.

Jill said...

Hi Kelly,

Just flew in from Momys to look at your floor. It is beautiful. Good to know in case I ever get hit with a similar attack! I must say, your husband loves you very much!


Jill Farris