Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Girl Fun

Karaline's Birthday, Last Day of Homeschool co-op, the zoo, Dollywood, a little bit of everything in this post. :)

We'll start with Karaline's birthday :) We just did a small little thing here with family with the promise to have a bigger party later although life hasn't slowed down for us to arrange that bigger party yet. My big girl turned 11...so hard to believe.
Karly is our newest homeschooler! :) We have been praying that she would come home if it was the Lord's will and she decided while she was out with possible mono that she would just stay home and finish out the year. :) She is doing Switched On Schoolhouse with a few supplements thrown in and doing very well so far. I cannot even tell you how much happier she is. It's like the outer 5 layers have been removed and the real Karly has emerged again! She just shines. It's amazing how much stress and pressure school and all it brings with it was putting on her.
Kollin got to spend the birthday party making up missing Language Arts work...yikes. He finished a literary portfolio on To Kill A Mockingbird while we celebrated.
The two preggo ladies in the family! I'm 31 weeks here and Kasey is 29 weeks here...won't be long!!!!!!!!!!
My two girlies who love each other again now that Karly is happier and homeschooled.
The babies attacked my mom. They were supposed to be getting cheek to to cheek for a pic and this is what happened.
My awesome brother with Karson :) They look a lot alike I think.

Now we will talk about the last day of homeschool co-op! :) We have SO enjoyed co-op this semester. The elementary kids had 10 weeks of it and it's from 9-12 on Mondays. Then we all eat lunch together and the kids break into their afternoon sports and clubs. We do lego club and princess club. I taught Apologia Astronomy for 1st-3rd graders and had SO MUCH FUN (even though those kids really kept me on my toes). Both the younger boys were in my class. Karson also had a Magic Tree House class and Spanish. Kolton had Community Helpers and Choir. Karaline had IEW Writing, Art, and Piano. Next semester I'm taking off to have baby Kerrigan Elizabeth and John is teaching a high school economics class for co-op. Karly will be going next semester too. She has Intro to Chemistry, US Government, and Art.
This is our scale display of the solar system our class did for the end of the semester presentation.
Karson posing in front of the sun
Karaline's piano piece for the program.
Kolton's favorite community helper was a policeman. He was so cute up there telling about it. Don't ask me why he fixed his handcuffs to look like ovaries. LOL
Karson sang a song in Spanish.
DOLLYWOOD! We went to see the lights the other night. AWESOME!

We went to the zoo the same day. The kids LOVE this sign that's posted there.

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Spence and Lori said...

What a beautiful family you have. Can't wait to see your newest little K!

Paula said...

Yep, there's a baby in there. :)

Nice pictures of the family, too.