Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with Family


At our Christmas party with my mom's side of the family, Santa came and gave all the kids a goody bag! :) They were SOOOOOOO excited. Karson is convinced that it was the REAL santa and not just a helper like mall santas are. :) The little ones were beside themselves and even the big ones enjoyed their treats!

We also got a surprise ice/snow storm to play in! :)
I LOVE that our whole neighborhood comes out to play! :)
The high school marching band put on a wonderful Christmas concert for us to enjoy as well! :) Kollin is in percussion. :)
And we had an ultrasound to see baby Kerrigan! :) She reminds us so much of Karson but she is a bit on the small size (about 2 weeks behind). They are expecting her to be in the mid 6lb range at 40 weeks instead of the mid-upper 7's like my other macho babies were. :)
To be small though, it isn't showing on mama! Here I am at 35 weeks with a month left to go.
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