Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Nephew Is Here 3 Weeks Early

My nephew is here!!!! He arrived 3 weeks early (Kasey was due 2 weeks after me), so he was quite a surprise but a VERY happy one! :)

Avry Lyn

Kasey's water broke in the middle of the night in the middle of a HUGE blizzard. They had to drive nearly an hour to get to the hospital in TERRIBLE road conditions dodging snow plows and salt trucks. He's our little blizzard baby! This is also the reason I can't get to the hospital to see him (and it's KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!). Her hospital is an hour and a half SW and my hospital is 45min NE and road conditions are still terrible. No one will let me go 39.5 weeks pregnant. :(

As for me, I'm due Friday and no major signs she is coming anytime soon. Because I have had 2 c-sections and hope to have a VBAC this time, I am under a few more restrictions than most. They didn't want me to go past 39 weeks but I kinda slid under the radar until 40 weeks, but my other ob had said she definitely didn't want me to go past 40 weeks. That's Friday and I have an appt that day. We will see what happens and what I can get away with. I'm not sure what she means by not letting me go past. VBACs aren't typically supposed to be induced because the stronger contractions of pitocin is harder on the scar than natural labor, but she may allow a few less invasive things to try to get me going. I don't want a c-section,but I don't want to be induced either. And I don't want to risk going too long past my duedate because of rupture risk. I'm just really between a rock and a hard place. If she would just come on her own before Friday that would be a HUGE blessing.

Here are a few baby bump pictures (hopefully my last)..

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Mandy said...

OMG Kelly you nearly gave me a heart attack. I saw the recent posts on my blog and a little baby and I thought you had her. LOL I've never clicked on a link so fast before. ;)

Kelly said...

LOL Mandy, trust me, at that point I was SOOOO wishing it were MY baby that was born. It all worked out perfectly though! :)