Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Smiles and Ballerinas

Kerrigan started melting us with her baby smiles this past week. Oh my goodness, we could eat her up when she shows those sweet gums. She just turned 4 weeks old this weekend..where does the time go?!?!?! Oh and the chunker is 10lb already bringing her weight gain up to 3.5lb since birth.
We have started a loose homeschooling schedule. Luckily we were a bit ahead before little bit came along and could take some time off. :) Co-op started last week and that got us motivated. :) Karson is taking Spanish, Magic School Bus, and Art. Kolton is taking Community Helpers, Magic Tree House, and Chorus. Karaline is taking IEW Writing, Piano by Ear, and Jonathan Park Science. Karly is taking US Government, Chemistry, and Home Management (hoping she can take over...LOL). They LOVE it! They are also in several after co-op clubs (princess club, lego club, etc)

We have also started talking about the vehicle situation. Our plan was to just take 2 cars since Kollin will be driving in the fall, but we are already seeing how inconvenient this is. We have 2 cars that seat 8 each - my Honda minivan and John's Saturn Outlook. Several times though in the past couple weeks, we have just wanted to jump in the car and go somewhere as a family, even just to my parents' house or riding around. So we are in the market for a big ole van. :) We could fit all of us in a Surburban or Excursion with an extra bench seat added to the back, but John is on this 12 passenger kick. He has been researching all the options and the pricing of those. I always said I would never drive one of those but seeing how excited he is about it makes me a little excited too. :) It's for our family and the space will make everyone much happier on trips. I would hate to think that the tightness of our vehicle prevented our kids with a bit bigger "personal space" from wanting to go places with us and we have started to see that with our older two. Family time is so important to us. So watch for me on the road...I'll look like a school bus driver and will most likely be taking out every curb and traffic sign around. ;)
Kerrigan's first bath!!!!!!!!!

We have also taken CRUNCHY to the next step as well going to cloth diapers!!! :) I had no idea how ADORABLE these things could be! :) Kerrigan has had terrible rash issues and we are finding she is quite sensitive to a lot of things I eat and products (even Mylicon broke her cheek out where a drop was on her face). Here she is modeling her adorable cloth diapers we are borrowing from our friends.
And don't let her sleeping in the swing fool you, this was the only time she has ever been in it and it was only long enough to take these pictures since she matched the swing. LOL This girl is ALWAYS in someone's arms or the sling/wrap.

The cuteness never ENDS (no pun intended) lol

How lucky is this girl to have 3 handsome brothers to watch out for her (the 3rd one has had a cold and can't be around her right now :( )

Three MUST HAVE baby products -a pouch sling (khaki below), a baby wrap (brown/purple/green below), and the Swaddle Me thingy (the baby straight jacket).
I look terrible here (no makeup, hair not fixed) but I AM in regular jeans here...WOOOOHOOOOO BUTTONS and ZIPPERS rock!
I'm such a huge Dr Sears/Dr Purvis attachment parenting FAN it's ridiculous ...breastfeeding on demand, baby wearing, selective vaxing, co-sleeping, delaying solids, etc! I wouldn't have it any other way. :) We have done this with all our kids, but I will admit it's easier with bio children. Our adopted kids need it just as much, but they struggle to accept it as easily as our bio children do. Some day I'll expand on all these issues. :)
We also just finished Karly's 7th ballet production with our ballet company and Kemry's first! Kemry was the most adorable little firefly in her 30 second stage appearance. LOL This year they did Cinderella and of course had a Christian theme. Karly really enjoyed it and it was a beautiful, as always, production. Kerrigan was a week old at opening night so I didn't get to spend anywhere near as much time with it as I usually do.
Kemry had gone home with my mom when this picture was taken. Kerrigan hung out in the wrap through the show.
Kemry and Karly...our two ballerinas
Karly at the ball getting recognized by the prince. :)
Karly (center) dancing as a trillium fairy in the corps de ballet.
A village dancer (Karly's in purple)
And here's our little firefly! Karly (in purple) mourning the death of Cinderella's mother.
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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE THIS! Joanna lived in the "hot sling" :) and we too LOVED the baby wrap- we always called it our baby burrito :) he he he....but it was GREAT!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

OH yeah- I know it seems strange, but after you get over the initial- this van is sooo huge.....we love our 15 passenger! More room for groceries in the back, or room for bags for vacation, etc. :) We just took out the back seat and store it for when grandparents are around etc. It works great!!! :)

Kelly said...

Dawn, we are considering 15 passengers too for this reason. Is it a huge difference in space it takes up and difficulty to drive?

Carissa said...

YAY for breastfeeding on demand, baby wearing, selective vaxing, co-sleeping, delaying solids, etc!