Monday, March 07, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

This book had been recommended to me by lots of different people. I ordered it (it doesn't take much to convince me to order a book with my Amazon Prime addiction) and sat on it for quite a while. I procrastinated reading it because it wasn't something I was really interested in since Kerrigan was born. Instead I was researching cloth diapers and baby clothes and vaccinations and all the things that are new since I had a baby last. On Saturday, I was at an all day ballet event with Karly (and Kerrigan) which left me sitting in the dressing room for hours. It was the only book in my diaper bag so I picked it up and started reading. WOW!!!!!! First of all, I cried through the first two chapters. In public. Not pretty. lol I almost quit reading this book before I had finished the first 2 chapters because I knew I couldn't handle the rest of the book if it continued to rip my heart like that. I'm glad I pushed through it. WOW this book is fabulous!!!! It's definitely a must read for anyone! It is definitely Christian based, but really a good tool to improve anyone's life outlook.

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