Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Year's Home School Plans!

We are enjoying our summer and watching Kerrigan grow WAY too fast but while we have fun this summer, I'm busy preparing for our next year of homeschooling (something I admit I enjoy WAY too much and get a bit too excited doing lol).

Kerrigan is 4mo old here

After a lot of research, prayer, talking with other parents, and attending a homeschool convention, we have decided to use My Father's World next year. We are SO excited about it. I got to get my hands on it and look at some of the completed projects families had on display at a curriculum fair this spring and fell in love.

The younger kids (2nd, 3rd, and 6th) will be studying the Middle Ages (Rome - Reformation). I'm so excited to explore castles and knights with my kids! We even get to construct a castle this year as we learn and many more things! and Karly will be doing MFW Ancients High School for her 9th grade year.

Karson - Singapore U.S. Edition for 3rd
Kolton - Singapore U.S. Edition (although I may switch him to Math U See if this doesn't fit him well) for 2nd
Karaline - Math U See Zeta
Karly - Art of Problem Solving Algebra 1 which she has already started and may be finished with before fall. If she is, we will move on to Algebra 2.

Language Arts:
Kolton - Primary Language Lessons, Spelling by Sound and Structure
Karson - Primary Language Lessons, Spelling Power, & Cursive Connections
Karaline - Intermediate Language Lessons, Writing Strands, and Spelling Power
Karly - combined into her MFW literature and history studies

The younger 3 will have science built in the MFW curriculum (Apologia Astronomy and Human Biology)

Karly will be studying BOTH Chemistry (Apologia) and Biology (Apologia)

As far as extracurriculars, we are doing the weekly homeschool co-op which we love. I'm teaching 4th-6th grade Botany (apologia) and assisting in high school anatomy for co-op. Karly is playing volleyball for the homeschool team and also starting her 8th year of classical ballet. Karaline will be playing soccer and participating in Heritage Girls (a Christian Girls Scouts). Karson and Kolton will both be doing the soccer and flag football still as well as Upward basketball in the winter.

Kollin, although not homeschooled, will be playing for the high school marching band again this year. He has moved up the percussion totem pole to snare drum. :) That and year round soccer for him and a full load of sophomore honors/AP classes as well...whew!

The most recent picture of the whole Cash crew taken on Easter. :)
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Laurie said...

Aaah Kerrigan is just precious. I can't believe she is 4 months already! That is how old Bella was when she came home!