Friday, March 18, 2011

Crunchy Couture

A friend of mine sells adorable tie dye shirts so Kerrigan just HAD to have one. How cute is she modeling Crunchy Couture? I think she may keep her blue eyes. They seem to just get brighter and lighter. That would give us 3 kids with blue eyes and 4 with brown eyes. :) She has turned into the BEST baby. Seriously I have to pinch myself because it feels like a dream come true. I know things could change at any given moment, lol, but she is so happy and smiles or "talks" with the sweetest girly voice NONSTOP. :)

John also started a new job this week. It has been a huge change (and a reality check for me) with him going from an extremely flexible schedule with lots of work at home days to being 2hrs away from 5am-6pm every day with practically no access to him. He was home a lot before to help with pick ups and drop offs if I needed it, but I'm on my own again. ACK! :) He loves it though. He was actually offered this position by one of his clients he had with his former job. It is a very nice promotion with a very secure company. The most important part, though, is this is a very family oriented group to work with. He didn't feel that way with his last company. District meetings were more like frat parties. Men and women employees sharing rental houses and cabins mixed with lots and lots of drinking. John has never been a drinker or a party guy and is a little old fashioned in his belief that women and men shouldn't share rental cabins without their spouse (and I have to say I TOTALLY agree lol). Anyway, I am thrilled to say the least he is now with a family oriented Christian company. Oh yeah, I brought this up to comment on how TIRED I am now that I'm back to fulltime kid care. I have no idea how single mommies do it. I'm POOPED! And spring 'stuff' is just starting too with sports and birthdays and soccer x 5 of our kids. I need a stunt double. ;)
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dairy Allergy?

Kerrigan broke out in a rash all over her face, neck, and back. At first we thought it was the detergent, but it didn't seem to be that. We had started a probiotic at the same time she broke out so we took her off and the rash started to go away. Then I drank a frappe (I don't get a lot of dairy otherwise, sadly) and boom, it came back. So I cut out dairy and her rash is almost completely gone. How will I live without dairy?? It's in everything! Well, everything GOOD. :) This is a whole new world for me, but I'm determined to stick it through.
Here's her sweet little face, rash and all
We LOVE days when we can get these two together.

How KISSABLE are those lips??? Oh my word, it's all I can do to not smooch on her all day long!
I have been "bloglecting" my other kiddos since Kerrigan arrived.:) This was on my birthday (march 2) which is why they are all posing so happily. They can't say no to me on my birthday can they? LOL
Homeschooling is starting to get back to normal too. :) In science this week the little boys were learning about the insect's body parts. Well any chance to play with play doh brings all the kids out so they all ended up making their own insect. lol
Homeschool science can make the kitchen super messy!
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Monday, March 07, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

This book had been recommended to me by lots of different people. I ordered it (it doesn't take much to convince me to order a book with my Amazon Prime addiction) and sat on it for quite a while. I procrastinated reading it because it wasn't something I was really interested in since Kerrigan was born. Instead I was researching cloth diapers and baby clothes and vaccinations and all the things that are new since I had a baby last. On Saturday, I was at an all day ballet event with Karly (and Kerrigan) which left me sitting in the dressing room for hours. It was the only book in my diaper bag so I picked it up and started reading. WOW!!!!!! First of all, I cried through the first two chapters. In public. Not pretty. lol I almost quit reading this book before I had finished the first 2 chapters because I knew I couldn't handle the rest of the book if it continued to rip my heart like that. I'm glad I pushed through it. WOW this book is fabulous!!!! It's definitely a must read for anyone! It is definitely Christian based, but really a good tool to improve anyone's life outlook.

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