Saturday, April 28, 2012

Our year in review for the blogger slacker

So it's been nearly a year since I posted last....I guess it's time to update. LOL  Hmmmm how can I summarize all that has happened in the last year?  I don't think I can.  A couple of big changes occurred last year for our family.  One, Kollin made the decision to homeschool as well.  He was the last of the bunch still holding out. :)  We were beyond thrilled but scared because, well, he's smarter than me (or at least he thinks he is) and I was nervous about teaching him.  The other thing that has happened for our family is we moved.  We have lived in the same county my entire life and most of John's, but we moved about an hour NE from where we grew up.  I cannot imagine us happier.  We love our new home and life here.  Our family is growing faster than this mama would like.  Kerrigan is a little sassy toddler now, not the sweet little baby she was the last time I posted. :)  She is amazing and a handful at the same time.  How could she NOT be with the crew she hangs out with? :)  

So here it is in no certain order, the past year in photos.  (I sincerely apologize for the amount of pics)

 Kerrigan's first birthday

 Karly was in Esther, our ballet

 bowling with the family


 My sweet parents at our new house
 My gorgeous sister on my new deck
 Kissing cousins
 The view at our new house.....God's AMAZING work
 He may be a big tough soccer player, but his baby sister still has him wrapped around her finger :)

 Karly playing soccer
Karly with her eye on that ball :)  This ended up being one of their most aggressive games and several girls got hurt.
 Kemry wore this same outfit at her age :)
 Kolton had a camping themed birthday party so all the guys in the family came up to camp and the girls had a slumber party inside.  I got to put my zoom lens to good use and take this from my kitchen door because I was warm in my jammies and had no desire to go over there to help them clean up :)
 Karly headed to the homeschool prom

My gorgeous girl 
 Sisters in the morning :)
 Legos at the counter
 Karly helping out with a castle we built for history...93 tiny individual little cardstock pieces for this.
Finished...whew.  This took many hours.  
 Kemry lost her first 2 teeth
 Kerrigan has the most awesome grumpy face (it's only awesome because she doesn't do it to me so much lol)
 Soccer soccer soccer

 Kerrigan playing with a sweet friend of ours at the soccer park
 Kollin doing what he does best
Kolton playing baseball for the first time.  When we moved here our neighbors asked him to join their baseball team.  He got on the team just before the season started and had never played before, but he picked it right up. :)
 His biggest fan :)
His first OUT made at first base
mid-morning naps for Karly and Bentley
 Dollywood Splash Country

 Alex and Kemry dirt wrestling ...their cousin love hate relationship has only intensified but on this day at least they were getting along great :)
 High school homeschool Volleyball  team
 Christmas 2011
 Halloween 2011

 Snowboarding with John's brother, Logan and Logan's girlfriend Megan
 Kolton's camping cake
Kollin headed to a soccer game
 those tiny dots are my kids playing in the field beside our house.  
Kollin in the high school band before he came home to homeschool.  This was his 5th year in band and these program was "Shades of Emerald" which was to a Wizard of Oz theme.  Last year they did 80s music so there's no way they could top that this year. ;)
Kollin hiking with Jake...Going through these pictures made me realize he is wearing the same shirt every time I take pics of him even though that kid has more clothes than he can even fit in his dresser. lol
 flag football
 Karaline is the ultimate nature girl
homeschool cheerleading
Our family at the beach
Cousins at the beach
tennis at our beach house last summer
they fished for hours every day
 At the beach ahhhhhh
 kisses from my little man at the beach
 Barlow isn't as happy about these kisses but being the awesome dog that she is, she tolerates it very well :)
 Kollin caught a shark.
4th of July
Little Miss 4th of July :)
Bubbles at an awesome 4th of July cookout a friend invited us to

So that's about it.  I have been filling my days teaching, doing loads of laundry, feeding these forever famished children, and mostly hanging out at soccer, co-op, volleyball, baseball, know the routine. :)

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Glad to see you back :) Loved the update!

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The view at your house is awesome. Almost as beautiful as your family. :)

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