Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life Lessons in our Little Garden

One of the things the kids and I love doing is working in our little garden.  It isn't too pretty and isn't planted the way I was taught (my pappaw would roll over in his grave if he saw how crooked our rows are lol), but it is creating so many wonderful opportunities for one on one time with my kids and great talks while we work out there.

This morning we were staking up our tomato plants.  Karson asked why we had to do that and I explained that God made tomato plants too weak to carry their own weight.  Then it hit me, just like how He made us.  We are too weak to carry our own burdens on our own and we were created intentionally so we would have to rely on Him.  Our tomatoes that weren't staked had been laying on the ground and were starting to wither and die unable to bear it's own weight.  The tomato plants that were supported by the stakes were growing SO big and strong and straight toward the sky just like us when we allow our strength to come from the Lord instead of trying to bear that weight on our own.  The fruit of the plants without stakes were small and hard and worthless.  The fruit of the plants with the stakes are growing bigger and will eventually ripen and be eaten. :)  I needed that lesson this morning especially, probably more than my kids.  I am a bit of a control freak.  I like to take charge of what I want done my way and usually happily (for a time) carry the load as long as I can control the situation.  Even things I truly have no way of carrying or being in control of, I still try through worrying about it.  Lately I have been trying so hard to control everything that I have started to wilt like those wimpy tomato plants reminding me that I can't do it all.  After this discussion with my kids this morning I asked God to forgive me for the little faith I have had in Him lately and promised to tie myself to Him as my stake and let Him carry part of my heavy load.

We sat out there for at least 30 minutes just comparing our lives to tomato plants. :) I'm sure our neighbors think the Adams family has just moved in next to them....we're a bunch of weirdos. :)  But I'm ok with that. :)

Please be praying for our family.  We may have a bit of news to announce soon.  We are still waiting to hear the details and how they will affect us.

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Ruthanne said...

Beautiful post. I love it when I say things to the boys and then realize that I have just said something that was really intended for me. Great lesson. Can't wait to see your garden IN PERSON!!! Woo Hoo!!!