Sunday, September 23, 2012

Give1Save1 - TUNE IN Oct 1 for our week!

This was a crazy busy week for us but also EXCITING.  It was Kemry and Kollin's birthdays (they turned 6 and 17 AHHH), my sister announced she is having another BAAAAABY, and we got new pictures of our kiddos.  The busy parts.... a couple of things were wrong in our paperwork and had to be changed, we had two volleyball games out of town, John had his co-workers over for a BBQ, this week is the big consignment sale we are part of, and we I have been working on an adoption video featuring our family.

We got chosen to be one of the featured families on for the week of October1!  Beth, the owner of this site, is a fantastic lady who has worked so hard helping families fundraise for their adoptions.  Please consider committing to donate a couple dollars a week to the family of the week.  It really adds up and helps tremendously.  All the donations donated the week of October 1 will go to our adoption....So we had to make the video.  WHEW...first of all it was harder than I expected because I have ZERO creativity and even less "tech" knowledge.  John and I were complete DORKS on camera, and most of the time we were just laughing or ruining the shot with some silly SNL quote.  Then once we got it finished, you can barely hear us!  We have tried every way possible to fix the volume, but it just isn't happening.  Hopefully it will work though.  We have $8340 to raise to finish our adoption before travel.

So here is our video!  


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Aw, that looks great!