Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's GIVE1SAVE1 Time!!!!!!!!!


Our Give1 Save1 Africa MOMENT!

So here is how Give1 Save1 works.....

1. Our family video gets featured on Give1Save1 for ONE WEEK 

October 1-7, 2012


2.  WATCH our video and HEAR our story (Click HERE

3.  Donate $1 with Paypal...or however much God leads you to donate :)

(You can use any credit card through paypal even if you do not have an account...or see our sidebar for another option to donate directly to our adoption through our agency for a potential tax deduction)

Your donations through Give1Save1 only go to our family Oct 1-7, BUT if you donate at any other time, it still goes to another family who is adopting so we encourage continued support even if it isn't to us!


How does donating $1 help in the enormous costs of adoptions??  Well....during that week, we ask everyone we know to spread the link like CRAZY...seriously  You may think "that person isn't into that kind of thing" and be tempted not to share it but you would be SOOOO surprised who the Holy Spirit uses and touches.  We have found those who we thought would be the least receptive have come through as our biggest advocates!  Make it go viral.  If everyone who sees it donates $1, that's how it adds up.
How can you share???  
- put it on your Facebook wall...every. day. that. week.
- send it out to your email list
- pin it to your Pinterest board
- Tweet it
- put it on your blog
- share it with your church or sunday school class or bible study group

Don't forget to tell everyone YOU share it with to also do the same thing...SHARE SHARE SHARE!

5.  TUNE IN for daily totals!

We will be posting totals each day!  You all are a huge part of this so we of course want to share with you how God is at work!!!!!  He continues to AMAZE me every day.  Plus, there may or may not be another video or two involved including quite a few bloopers from our video involved in daily consider it free daily entertainment to laugh at the Cash Crew! LOL


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Anonymous said...

Just donated (via Give1Save1)!! Love hearing about people adopting older kids. We just brought our 5 year old son home from the orphanage 3 months ago. Congratulations on the coming additions to your family!!