Monday, November 19, 2012

This is starting to seem so REAL

Our dossier is on it's way.  Within 3-4 weeks or so we should be "in the system" in Ethiopia and be officially waiting for a court date. Usually it is super hard to depart with weeks or months of blood, sweat, and tears that go into a dossier, but this time I was SO ready to get rid of that darn thing. :)  We began in September, had to stop when we knew we were moving, and began again in April.  Usually it takes us only a month or two to complete a homestudy and dossier but this time it took us SIX months.  Most of that time waiting on unexpected road blocks we had no control over.  So once our dossier was packed away on headed out, I didn't miss it one bit! :)

Our sweet girl "M" has written us several letters asking when we are coming to see them.  This is new for us.  We have been the ones waiting and having to tell ourselves it's all in God's hands with the last two adoptions, but this time we get to experience the wait through the child's eyes who wants a family so bad.  That makes it so much more difficult.  This week we are painting bunk beds for Kemry and "B"s room and John is working on our mudroom preparing for TEN cubbies.  This is all getting so crazy real. :)  

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