Saturday, December 08, 2012

Crazy Thanksgiving - Just Like We Like It

Thanksgiving was a CRAZY week for our family.  On Saturday, I had a neglected, cracked tooth start to abscess.  We drove to my sister's new old farm house to help them do some renovations and we didn't work long before Kerrigan threw up.  Hoping it was a fluke, we headed home.  It wasn't.  She threw up over 15 times within the next 12 hours.  After Kerrigan it spread through our house like wildfire.  On Monday my abscessed tooth had only gotten worse, the antibiotic wasn't working at all.  AND I developed mastitis!!!!!!!!!!  By Wednesday I had the tummy bug Kerrigan brought home.  The day before I was expecting over 30 people at my house for Thanksgiving.  By Wednesday night I was feeling much better and got up Thursday fine.  Praise the Lord we got through Thursday with no illness.  My sister, BIL, and nephews spent the night because we hit the black Friday Sales,which are now on Thursday (hmmm) and by late Thursday night Kolton was throwing up too.  We survived and have quite the story to talk about at future Thanksgivings. :)  Since I haven't posted many pics lately, here it goes. :)

 My 5am kitchen helper Thanksgiving morning
 Best buddies, and cousins, Avry and Kerrigan drawing on the kids' table
 This makes me want to go back and do it all again...yuuuum
 A few of the kids at the kids table.  Kerrigan took getting to sit at the kids table very seriously this year! HAHA  She saved Avry a seat and everything.
 My awesome brother, Kellon, and his son Mason.  Are they gorgeous or what?
 My sweetie FINALLY getting to get his plate.  He does a lot of the meal prep and poor thing has to be one of the last to eat. Possibly related...he has also lost 35lb in the last few months!  
 Everyone trickled through the food line. :)  This year my BIL's dad got to join us as well!  
 More amazing SIL, MIL, mom, and biggest boy, Kollin at the signature table
 The guys are trying to take our Black Friday shopper jobs! AHHHHH!  This is what our house looks like right after we eat on Thanksgiving, but it's usually us sisters going through all the papers and planning our disaster route. :)
 Two of my 3 nephews...pure sweetness
 My older 2 girlies with my baby sister and my Aunt these ladies!
My nephew Avry filling some big shoes
 My camera has been broken so I'm relying on my cell for pics, but I still love how this picture of my nephew Mason turned out.  
 We were missing Mason here because he had gone home, but here are the rest of the grandkids Friday morning.....and yes they are weirdos. LOL
I couldn't resist ending it this way......this is the official after Thanksgiving, over-exhausted sugar CRASH...such despair haha
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