Saturday, December 08, 2012

O Christmas Tree

This is the first year we have gone to an actual tree farm and cut down our tree.  We had so much fun!!!  Kollin had to miss it because he had the tummy bug the rest of us had throughout the week (see the previous post).  Wish he could have joined in too.  The tree farm we went to was the most gorgeous old farm with a milk cow, chickens, a swinging bridge across a gorgeous peaceful river in the mountains.  I love living here.  Everywhere you look is just full of God's glory.  I was worried we would be miserable when we moved having lived in the same county most all our lives, but we really do love it here.

 The one they chose...they're pretty good at this stuff. :)  It's a 10fter
 Karaline, my tree hugger, and her little Charlie Brown tree
 The one Kemry cute is she with the saw?
 Hmmm..$5 per foot and this is about.... (I can hear John's calculating thoughts without him saying a peep)
 Wrapping it up!  
 Then we took a walk across the swinging bridge to the other side of the river
 A view looking back at the farmhouse
 Meadow the milk cow  who loved my kids!
 Ready to take her home! 
(Kemry is pouting here because I wouldn't let her pose on top of the car with the tree)
(just so she can UNdecorate)

 Putting up our tree summoned DOBY! YEAAA!!!  Kemry was SOOO happy he was back (although she did put a magazine in front of him so he couldn't see her being naughty later in the day)
He left a note because he wasn't able to get in the house.
 Stuck between the screen and the window

 having fun after decorating the tree
 I love being a mommy sandwich!
 Where we found Doby the next morning
 We also got to go to our little town's Christmas parade for the first time that same weekend.  It's the most amazing quaint little historic town.  We love it and the parade was great.

 My sweet girl wearing PJs, a toboggan, playing with Barbies. lol
More Doby silliness...we found him in the arms of the angel on top of the tree one morning. LOL Guess what song was stuck in our heads all day after that? :)  
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Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Such a pretty setting to get a Christmas tree! Our families do look a little similar! So glad you said hello. And congrats on the three new kiddos on the way!!!

Apryl Schillizzi said...

That looks like so much fun. Wish there was a place like that around here (Ill have to start looking). I love the pic of Kemry with her saw and tree.