Friday, December 07, 2012


It's there!!!  Our dossier (the huge packet of papers from police clearances to our homestudy to employment letters to reference letters to medical reports to financial letters) is finally IN ETHIOPIA!!!!!!!!!!  Now we're officially just waiting on a court date!

The earliest we expect a court date is January.  We will get to travel for that and will spend time with the kids.  Once we pass court (we pray it's during our trip but it may not be until a bit after), we should travel a few weeks later back to bring them home.  I would give anything to stay there between court and pick up.  I know it's going to kill me to leave them, but we survived leaving Kemry until we were able to go back and we will have to do it again.

The kids are getting so excited.  They write us letters and it is so encouraging to see how they are relying on God to bring them peace during the wait for their family to come get them.  If they are so faithful, how could I not be?  They have spent their lives wishing for a family who will love them like they deserve to be loved.

The stories we're hearing from families who are traveling are so precious.  "Y" asked a friend to cut his hair with safety scissors.  THen he was so embarrassed he wore his hood all day to hide it.  "M" is the long standing "monitor" of all the children at the transition home.  This means she is elected to this huge responsibility by the other children.  She is very honored to have this title and is very loved by all the children.  She helps them with their school work, getting dressed, doing their chores, etc.  "B" never stops smiling.  Oh my goodness this girl is like a strobe sparkly and bright.  We got video of them doing school and she smiled through her whole presentation to the classroom, batted her eyes, swayed her expressive.  We're SO excited to get them home.  Kemry can't wait to share a room with "B". She has always had her own room and hates that the other kids (except Kollin) share a room but she doesn't get to. LOL  I know, what is she thinking?!?! :)

Please be praying that we will get our 171H (immigration approval) quickly and a court date in January.
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MoonNStarMommy said...

You know that we're hoping and praying that this all goes quickly and smoothly and you get them home soon!! I cannot wait to "meet" them!!!