Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And we are still waiting......but 1 positive

MOWCYA is almost 2 weeks behind in getting letters issued for court. This means we don't expect to hear anything until at least Monday regarding a court date, almost a week away. A family with our agency who had a MOWCYA date of 4 days before us still hasn't received their letter. I'm betting/praying they get good news tomorrow though!

The good news though is we got our 171h (immigration pre-approval) which was the only thing that could potentially slow us down on our end!!!! Yeaaaa!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still waiting

No new news, just not to expect anything before next week. MOWCYA is behind on issuing approval letters (which is what we need to get a court/travel date) because they had two holidays last week. We just wait on our turn and pray they "approve" us.

W have made progress with the USCIS regarding our 171h. Our immigration officer says she will fax it to us as soon as it is ready in addition to mailing it. That cuts down a bit of time. :). Hopefully soon....like tomorrow!

Still praying for only God's timing for us. He knows all and we so do not.

In the meantime we are celebrating our sweet baby girl who turned TWO this week!!!!! She had a Minnie Mouse birthday party with her cousins Avry (4 days older than her) and Mason (364 days younger than her haha).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prayer Warriors Needed

Our MOWCYA court date is Tuesday (Monday night while we sleep due to the 8hr time difference). This is the ministry of women, children, and youth in Ethiopia and they are to write us a favorable letter requesting a court date (which we would travel for...our first trip) on that day which would be about 2 weeks later. The problem is we just learned that since our 171h (pre approval from the US dept of homeland security) isn't with our file in Ethiopia yet, they will possibly (probably?) either not write our favorable letter or give us an unfavorable letter. This could delay us several weeks. I just found out on Friday this was an issue and have been so deflated. Our kids have waited so so long for a family. I know a few more weeks in the whole spectrum is nothing but their whole lives have been spent waiting and full of disappointments. Now they know we are their parents-to-be and I feel responsible for protecting them from these kinds of things or at least being there to love on them and encourage them when disappointments are inevitable. I am so torn on even what to pray for. I want only God's will and timing, but of course I do not want our process delayed even more.

UPDATE: just learned that our 171h hasn't been mailed and it could be 75-90 days!!! Please pray they are wrong.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Mom & Me Journals

I am kind of in love with this concept. My here are times my littles want to tell me something a d I'm in the middle of something else and can't give them my full attention. Or they may not want to share something publicly and can't shake the lingering crowd. Or they may wake up in the middle if the night with a dream they want to tell me before they forget all the details. So we have started Mom & Me Journals. Each of the kids have their own. When they write something for me, they "deliver" it by putting it on my pillow on my bed. Then I read it, write them back, and "deliver" it by putting it on their pillow. They get so excited, too. This has opened the most precious dialog I may have otherwise missed. I love these little glimpses of their hearts.

This isn't ours. Ours are just plain notebooks with this written on the front (an almost mom of 10 has to make compromises lol) but I took these pictures from Pinterest.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Very Cashy Christmas

Even in an attempt to scale back by all, we still ended up completely overdoing Christmas yet again.  Each kid only asks for 1-2 things (depending on the price of what they are asking for) and we draw names with my side of the family but I guess even with each kid getting a couple things in such a bit family, it really adds up.  My kids decided this year that another perk to being in a big family is the sharing each others gifts which multiplies what they got. Lol. This is especially true for the big girls and the little boys.  Knowing this year that they are about to add another teenage girl and preteen boy to the family made them even more excited about this new shared gift revaluation.  Lol.

My pictures this year are terrible.  My camera is being repaired and I am borrowing a friend's.  I am so blessed she is letting me borrow hers because I would be using my phone for pics otherwise. :). However I didn't have time to feel it out really well before the chaos began.  So I just stuck it on auto and flash and decided just to enjoy the moment. :)

We are getting so excited about bringing our kids home soon.  We have a birth family MOWCYA court date for January 15.  Our agency has said we should travel about two weeks later for our court date (and to see the kids) but other agencies have seen people travel a week or less later.  We are praying we travel sometime at the end of January.  Then we will have to leave the kids and return home for 4-9 weeks before we could return and being them home.  My birthday is March 2 and I can't think of a better present. ;). We got a letter from our oldest daughter saying she has prayed and prayed for a big family and God answered her prayers. :). I love those kids so much!  We are getting their rooms ready and I'll post pictures soon. :)

Crazy driver

Decorating Christmas cookies at a friend's house

Christmas Eve at my sister's home

The girls - mom, my sister Kayla, me, and my sister Kasey

The guys - My love John, my daddy, my brother Kellon, my BIL Brad, and my BIL Daniel

The girls again with Machae, Kellon's girlfriend

The littles ready for bed before we head home to wait for Santa

6 heaping dust pan scoops of leftover needles from the tree