Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prayer Warriors Needed

Our MOWCYA court date is Tuesday (Monday night while we sleep due to the 8hr time difference). This is the ministry of women, children, and youth in Ethiopia and they are to write us a favorable letter requesting a court date (which we would travel for...our first trip) on that day which would be about 2 weeks later. The problem is we just learned that since our 171h (pre approval from the US dept of homeland security) isn't with our file in Ethiopia yet, they will possibly (probably?) either not write our favorable letter or give us an unfavorable letter. This could delay us several weeks. I just found out on Friday this was an issue and have been so deflated. Our kids have waited so so long for a family. I know a few more weeks in the whole spectrum is nothing but their whole lives have been spent waiting and full of disappointments. Now they know we are their parents-to-be and I feel responsible for protecting them from these kinds of things or at least being there to love on them and encourage them when disappointments are inevitable. I am so torn on even what to pray for. I want only God's will and timing, but of course I do not want our process delayed even more.

UPDATE: just learned that our 171h hasn't been mailed and it could be 75-90 days!!! Please pray they are wrong.


GrowingtheBards said...

Praying for you mama. It is so hard at this stage, just longing to bring them home!! What are you thinking with the travel warning? I have been trying to keep giving it back to the Lord. Praying for you and your sweeties, and this mountain to be moved.

DL said...

Prayers of coarse! God will move mountains!!!

Lots of Love

Kelly said...

Michelle I haven't even heard of the travel warning. Hmmmmm

Kelly said...

Michelle I haven't even heard of the travel warning. Hmmmmm

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