Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still waiting

No new news, just not to expect anything before next week. MOWCYA is behind on issuing approval letters (which is what we need to get a court/travel date) because they had two holidays last week. We just wait on our turn and pray they "approve" us.

W have made progress with the USCIS regarding our 171h. Our immigration officer says she will fax it to us as soon as it is ready in addition to mailing it. That cuts down a bit of time. :). Hopefully tomorrow!

Still praying for only God's timing for us. He knows all and we so do not.

In the meantime we are celebrating our sweet baby girl who turned TWO this week!!!!! She had a Minnie Mouse birthday party with her cousins Avry (4 days older than her) and Mason (364 days younger than her haha).


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