Sunday, February 03, 2013

The sound of crickets.....

Still nothing. The quiet of waiting for your children is a terrible quietness. We are hopeful, however, to hear something this week because the MOWCYA officials have returned to Addis from their investigations and recertifications of agencies and orphanages and anticipate catching up quickly. It has been 19 days since our MOWCYA date when our approval letter was supposed to be ready and court date issued, which means 4 days since we should have had our court date in Ethiopia. We would be back home right now waiting for news to travel back to bring them home. Then of course I remember God's timing, and only His timing, is perfect.

Meanwhile, we are having one heck of a snowy and icy winter! As long as we don't loose power or have to drive we love it! Here are some quick shots taken around our house and neighborhood. You can see Barlow loves it and can't wait for us to get out of the van to play!

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Michele Bard said...

Oh my word, I think our minds are on the same path..that is all I keep thinking "crickets crickets" is what I am hearing from the silent phone! I hope our phones ring those beautiful tunes this week...a song for the mama's heart! Blessings Michele