Sunday, March 10, 2013


We finally got our court date! APRIL 8 if we pass, and we should, M, Y, and B will legally be our children!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! We will be leaving a few days before and returning a few days after and will get to spend lots of time visiting our babies. :)

And if we pass, we will be able to share their whole faces with the world!!!! Until then....this is all I can share. :)


Paula said...

FINALLY! Hope the time flies by and all goes well!

Jean said...

Yayayay ! So thankful! can't wait to see their whole faces!
God is so amazing and soon they will be HOME!

Laurie said...

AAAAAWESOME! So excited for you all.

Brenda Larsen said...

So happy for you! We just received a positive letter from MOWCYA today and will get our court date announcement soon. Can't wait to meet our girls. Thanks again for carrying our care package to them. Again, the pictures are priceless! Love them!

God bless you abundantly!

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